Master Planning

Successful projects are planned, engineered and built with vision and purpose. GPD provides master planning and urban design services and consultation for municipal and educational projects, helping to create public buildings, infrastructure and schools that meet the economic, physical, environmental and social needs of your community.

For municipal projects, a solid plan is required to understand how a project fits within the larger context of a community. GPD works to forge that understanding, with a diverse team that evaluates project goals along with the long-term vision of the community. We work closely with all relevant stakeholders—community leaders, residents and businesses to ultimately achieve the right solution.

For educational projects, GPD is an integral part of the planning process. We start by understanding your needs, then work to create workable solutions, implementing a strategy to make your vision a reality. Our architects and planners work with administrators and the community to evaluate and understand the needs of the district and its desired outcomes. Science and art come together to create the educational facilities master plan that targets students’ success.

1M+ square feet master planned since 2018

Working with all stakeholders to gain collective buy-in

A time-tested and successful planning process