Highlighting History With the Rubber City Heritage Trail

The City of Akron partnered with GPD to determine feasibility of the urban multipurpose Rubber City Heritage Trail, linking several city neighborhoods while highlighting the city’s rich history as the home of the tire industry. 

GPD established the proposed trail with significant public input and buy-in. It establishes connectivity with the regional trail network, allowing a resident or business to be located within no more than a ten-minute walk or bike ride from their homes or establishments. Additionally, creating this trail corridor offers easier access to downtown Akron and other amenities for all citizens.  

GPD’s study also accounted for the constructability, available project funding, phasing, safety, at grade crossings intersections and consideration of involved stakeholders and property owners. Additionally the study includes feedback from the four community engagement meetings held to solicit feedback about the route, safety and amenities, to ensure a successful finished product.  

Robust community engagement and involvement

Enhanced access to downtown Akron

A spotlight on local history