USACE Huntington Moves to Higher Ground

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers needed a strategic partner to design and construct a new housing complex in Martin, Kentucky, they recruited GPD.  

The former housing complex was situated in a flood plain. The new complex—designed by GPD as a twostory building that houses 28 apartment units to maximize the limited building footprint area—is on higher ground and still adjacent to the old location. 

To accommodate residents, the facility includes a community area with an activity room, kitchen and ancillary spaces. A 31-space parking lot is located between the building and a large retaining wall. Meanwhile, the design solution provided for an attractive and functional new housing complex that offers ADA accessibility, outdoor recreation areas, energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, and durable neutral-colored finishes. 

A cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing design

More comfortable living for users

Enhanced protection from potential flooding