Your project requires the right funding to execute on your vision. Opportunities exist—and they need to align with community needs and priorities. GPD is dedicated to helping you find the right supplemental funding for eligible projects so you can utilize every available dollar for a successful result.

At GPD, our experienced teams help match qualified projects and infrastructure projects with available funding solutions. We’ve partnered with communities to adjust their capital improvement programs to extend their available general and enterprise funds for projects that will meet the criteria set by the various programs. We work collaboratively with our clients to match capital and maintenance programs with the numerous opportunities offered at local, state and federal levels to make the most any project. No matter the project, our goal is to maximize your budget, utilizing tailored funding strategies that align with your overall goals and vision.

$401M+ in assistance secured helping communities achieve improvements for pennies on the dollar

$117M+ in Highway Safety Program (HSP) funding assistance obtained for clients

$110M+ in State utility and infrastructure funding