Revitalizing Akron’s Main Street

To create an inviting public space, spur new business and social growth, and create a better environment for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, the City of Akron has partnered with GPD to help with the ongoing revitalization of its Main Street corridor. 

Uneven sidewalks, challenging parking areas, deteriorating pavement and inconsistent, variable-width drive lanes had long caused frustration. GPD’s design provides an enhanced experience for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, complete with consistent lanes and designated parking zones, loading zones and bus zones. Wider sidewalks with room for café seating offer pedestrians a comfortable location to walk and to socialize, and an extension of the cycle track will provide connectivity to the Towpath Trail. 

In addition, GPD coordinated documentation and met stringent deadlines in adherence to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s TIGER grant that helped fund the project, performed extensive stakeholder and public outreach, and conducted comprehensive environmental studies. The result is a comprehensive streetscape enhancement through the historic district of Downtown Akron. 

Extensive public outreach

Comprehensive funding coordination

An enhanced experience for pedestrians and drivers