Improving a Regional Stormwater System

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) sought to eliminate threats of erosion to public and private property, enhance water quality and habitat, improve stream function and address flood concerns along a portion of the stream corridor located within a highly urbanized area near Cleveland. To complete those objectives, NEORSD partnered with GPD to develop a comprehensive solution. 

GPD designed a program for 6,500 linear feet of stream restoration. The project involved raising grade through various parts of the stream, creation and attachment to floodplain benches, steep bank stabilization, slope stability at the existing landfill and removal of a deteriorating Ohio Department of Transportation structure supporting adjacent Interstate 480. Design is ongoing, and, once complete, will help eliminate current and future erosion threats. 

Erosion threats eliminated

6,500 feet of stream restored

An ongoing, proactive project