A Modern Roundabout for a Highly Trafficked Intersection

To improve traffic operation, geometrics and pavement condition at a central, highly trafficked intersection, the City of Steubenville, Ohio, partnered with GPD for its traffic design and engineering expertise. 

GPD performed a preliminary engineering study word determined that a modern roundabout would be advantageous over a signalized intersection. Finalized roundabout design included modification of the vertical profile of the approaches, drainage improvements as necessary, implementation of post-construction Best Management Practices (BMPs), lighting, right-of-way plan preparation and legal descriptions, and public involvement. The completed roundabout has improved traffic flow and lowered vehicular speeds through the intersection, providing a traffic calming effect, while sidewalks and designated crosswalks have improved mobility and safety of pedestrians. 

Improved traffic flows

Lowered vehicular speeds

Enhanced pedestrian safety and mobility