Reconfiguring Summit County’s Most Congested Interchange

To address infrastructure, safety and congestion needs for the Akron Beltway System, the City of Akron and nearby Coventry Township partnered with GPD for a comprehensive traffic study. 

The complex system includes portions of several interstates, including I-76, I-77, I-277 and State Route 8. GPD’s study included traffic modeling and performance-based practical design principles to identify infrastructure improvements to minimize congestion and improve safety, all while minimizing costs and impacts. The study proposed modifications, including reconstruction of the existing left-hand exits to improve the design speed of the exit ramps and adjustment of the exit terminals to eliminate overlap, allowing incorporation of improved geometrics into the design improvements.  

Reconfiguration will help increase capacity of mainline traffic and decrease vehicular delay on I-76, while I-77 driving will improve without complicated weaves. These and other significant changes will alleviate the largest, most congested interchange in Summit County.

A comprehensive traffic study

Bolstered infrastructure for improved safety

Significantly eliminated congestion