GPD Helps Crown Castle Achieve Nationwide Scalability

As Crown Castle’s business has grown from local and regional telecommunications projects to national deployments, GPD has been a consistent and trusted resource for nearly 20 years. 

Since 2002, GPD has scaled with Crown Castle from a regional resource to a national partner by adapting to support the constantly evolving demands of the industry. By offering the flexibility of cross-functional teams built to accommodate market– and scopespecific demands and projects, GPD is committed to Crown’s infrastructure deployment success. As a consultative partner, GPD has completed more than 20,000 structural, modification, architecture, engineering and mapping tasks since 2012, and continues to expand and evolve service offerings to meet the infrastructure demands of our connected world and Crown Castle’s deployment of next generation networks. 

A consultative partnership

20,000+ structural and A/E tasks successfully completed

Ongoing evolution to meet ever-changing infrastructure demands