Supporting Rapid Evolution for T-Mobile

As T-Mobile continues its rapid national expansion, the company supplements its local market teams with consultative partners who offer a strong local market presence and resources. For T-Mobile’s Indianapolis/Columbus/Cincinnati market, GPD is just the partner it needs.   

T-Mobile has enlisted GPD to perform a variety of scopes for both macro and small cell deployments. Scopes include site visits, construction drawings, utility coordination, shelter design and coordination, surveys/1As, environmental services, geotechnical reports, permitting services, structural analysis, mount analysis, structural modifications, mount modifications, specialty structural analysis, post mod inspection, special inspections, construction staking and much more. With GPD’s concentration of local resources, T-Mobile can fully leverage GPD’s local team for flexibility and adaptability to meet the ebbs and flows of their network deployment needs.

A consultative partnership

Comprehensive local market presence

Complete flexibility and adaptability for changing needs