Cedar Point Boardwalk and Pavillion

Cedar Point Amusement Park, known as ‘A Place like No Other on the Lake Erie Shore,’ has been a cherished destination for tourists and local residents for over 150 years. This iconic theme park, nestled along a mile-long sandy beach, offers guests both entertainment and breathtaking views. The Boardwalk, a newly themed area near the shoreline, introduces a host of new dining, rides, and entertainment attractions. This addition pays tribute to Cedar Point’s rich history through a modern lens.

Included in this project was the removal and relocation of existing site features and the construction of new attractions throughout the approximately 6-acre revitalization effort. GPD’s scope of work entailed investigation, survey, design, and associated support for the relocation of the concrete Boardwalk and Seawall along the Lake Erie shoreline; relocations and new installations for utilities of all types; new sanitary pump station; relocation of existing ride attractions; construction of a new Grand Pavilion; new ride attractions; overall site improvements; site lighting and power distribution; and new landscaping throughout. All of the associated Midways throughout have been replaced with exposed aggregates, stamped boardwalk, and broom finishes to tie together this revitalized area’s story theme, utilizing nearly 12,000 square yards of pavement all placed during the short off season. This exciting project used over 5,100 cubic yards of concrete and was constructed so as to not disrupt the guests’ experiences.

6-acre revitalization project

Overall site improvements

New dining, rides, and entertainment attractions