A National Engineering Partnership With Volta

As Volta Charging rolls out its free, nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging initiative, it needed a national architecture and engineering partner familiar in the charging station industry. GPD was a natural fit.   

Stations are being installed across the country at locations such as theaters, grocery stores, strategic developers, stadiums and other retailers. For each of these sites, GPD provides boots-on-the-ground engineering assessments. Programmatically, GPD executes qualification groundwork for Volta and provides energy studies for each property.  

GPD’s first project was the Denny Way site in Seattle, which paved the way to a long-term partnership, and brought a critical new client to Volta for their portfolio. GPD continues to provide national and local support helping maintain Volta standards and meet stakeholder requirements. GPD also engages civil, electrical and structural design professionals.

A nationwide partnership

Boots-on-the-ground assessments at a variety of sites

100 projects completed and counting