Comprehensive Renovation for Summit County’s Juvenile Facilities

GPD provided architectural and engineering design services for the renovation and addition to the Summit County Juvenile Court and Detention Center.  

The $16.9M project involved complete renovation of existing office and residential wings. The adapted facility was further organized and renovated to support natural daylighting concepts and passive solar energy. A new, efficient HVAC system was installed, along with energy management systems throughout this facility, helping the structure minimize its energy dependence on fossil fuels. 

The project includes a judicial suite, a judge’s courtroom, magistrates’ courtrooms, numerous offices, a building secretary, court administrator, common areas, a detention center, a secure corridor, intake services, a drug court, shipping and receiving, dispute resolution, an attorney’s lounge, child services, felony disposition, a psychology department, data processing, CRP, citizens’ review board, CASA/GAL, maintenance and building services.  

A $16.9M investment

Efficient and sustainable design

A comprehensive renovation for more effective juvenile services