Redesigning a Highly Trafficked Ohio State Route

To provide additional roadway capacity and reduce collisions on a two-mile stretch of a highly trafficked state route that intersects with a major interstate, GPD worked closely with the City of Pickerington to develop a solution. 

First, a safety study identified viable means to provide additional roadway capacity. From there, GPD helped design and develop construction and right-of-way plans for the corridor lane additions, involving significant coordination between multiple government agencies. Improvements consisted of a new third southbound and northbound travel lane, new street lighting and signal upgrades, installation of fiber-optic interconnect network with a suite of adaptive traffic control central software. Gateway features included bronze mast arm signal supports with decorative LED lighting and overhead street name signing along with a companion street tree planting, and landscaped raised concrete medians provided access management.

A travel time study showed impressive project results: a 7% reduction in peak hour travel times, which exceeded the safety study modeling 5% reduction projections.

7% reduction in peak hour travel times

State-of-the-art traffic control systems

Enhanced landscaping design