Successful Midstream Projects With an Oklahoma-Based Midstream Natural Gas Company

An Oklahoma-based midstream natural gas company has partnered with GPD for a variety of services at its Utica Supply Hub, which specializes in the midstream gathering for the producers Encino and Chesapeake Energy, as well as designing and surveying new pipelines across Ohio.  

GPD’s work includes surveying existing conditions of preferred pipeline routes to develop a set of design alignment sheets and designing pads for the above-ground assets such as valve settings, launcher/receivers, meters, strainers and blow-offs, including the design of conventional and slick bores. Additionally, GPD obtains road access permitting at the township, county and state levels and performs environmental delineation of each preferred pipeline route. Once in construction, GPD stakes the Limits of Disturbance (right-of-way), centerline staking of pipe, gathering all attributes associated with the pipe, which includes welder stencils, heat numbers, weight, x-ray numbers, joint numbers and pipe lengths. This information is combined with the survey to develop the newly constructed pipeline.  

In a fast-moving environment with a variety of challenges, GPD’s oil and gas team has kept the pace, maintaining a safety-first approach to all services and adapting to company protocols, resulting in a successful, ongoing partnership. 

Design and surveying for new pipelines

Ongoing collaboration and partnership

Reliable, fast-paced service