Complete Power Engineering Services in Oberlin

Since the mid-1970’s, GPD has been providing engineering services to the City of Oberlin’s Municipal Light & Power System (OMLPS), a community-owned, not-for-profit electric utility created by the local residents in 1934 to provide high-quality, affordable services tailored to the unique needs of the Oberlin area. 

GPD provides many engineering design solutions for the City-owned power plant, four substations and transmission and distribution circuits. OMLPS strives to provide reliable electric service to its customers and challenges GPD to provide safe and reliable designs that stand the test of time. GPD has worked closely with their staff to develop complex relaying control schemes that monitor the health of their 69 kV transmission system, which instantaneously switches power to other sources when a problem on the line occurs. 

Since 2005, GPD has been involved with several relaying and controls projects at OMLPS’ power plant and distribution substations, leveraging its vast experience to help upgrade aging infrastructure with new equipment, all while making these systems reliable and safe. 

A successful, decades-long partnership

Ongoing service and support across power substations, transmission and distribution circuits

High-quality, affordable power service for citizens