Driving Value for a Nationwide Solar Developer

For a private, nationwide solar energy developer, GPD helps bring projects ranging from rooftop solar to major, utility scale installations. Projects begin with feasibility research and end with energization. 

Utility scale solar projects begin with a focused feasibility package, aiming to identify impactful areas of the project so that a process can be developed to keep costs down, maintain a reasonable timeline and schedule long lead time purchases. From there, GPD researches and supports appropriate civil and environmental permitting requirements based on the development size, location and current land use, and then consults on utility interconnection application, power purchase agreement and transmission/distribution infrastructure. GPD lays out the utility scale solar field and provides a theoretical output estimate, and once design is completed, GPD’s experienced team assists energization and communications.   

GPD draws from the same internal expertise for smaller projects to provide the end user with a comprehensive energy savings solution, including assessments of electrical systems, mechanical systems, lighting, insulation and other architectural components, to create an overall energy savings solution that includes solar. 

A range of successful projects

Support from planning to execution

Energy efficiency in communities nationwide