A Nationwide Team for EV Charging Stations

A national electric vehicle (EV) automaker sought GPD’s assistance beginning in 2015 to spearhead a $20M program annually involving layout and design of numerous new supercharger stations across the United States. 

Each station typically involves 8-20 parking stalls that are retrofitted with DCFC charging station equipment. Once a new site has been scouted and approved, design layouts and electrical design documents are generated and prepared for permit and construction. GPD designs supercharger stations for the majority of this company’s sites throughout the country and handles a majority of the due diligence, planning, renderings, design, utility coordination and permitting. GPD’s expertise in ADA parking lot requirements, national and local codes, right of way and easement access, utility coordination and qualifying efficient contractors has helped meet the client’s needs at over 500+ sites to-date. 

500+ charging stations and counting

Comprehensive site design

$100M in investment