Meijer Streamlines Prototype Management and More

Grocery giant Meijer sought a seasoned partner to provide prototype management, site and civil engineering documentation, and management of store design standards. It turned to GPD for these needs—and for much more.  

Meijer leveraged GPD’s diversified design experience and Revit (BIM) expertise to enhance their prototype and drive continuous improvement. GPD evaluated current design standards and documentation and looked for opportunities to provide recommendations to enhance store development. GPD also provided opportunities for value engineering to take cost out of the buildings and sites while maintaining brand image, operational priorities and customer experience. GPD developed program tools to capture the Meijer brand image and design criteria, including user guides, basis of design documents and design alternates. Upgrading the Meijer prototypes to Revit BIM has provided increased efficiency, improved accuracy, simplified maintenance control, improved collaboration with Meijer and among all consultants and enhanced visualization to support more impactful design improvements.  

Increased building program efficiency

Cost reduced across new construction

Impactful design improvements