Leroy Center-Mayfield Reconductor

The 2019 PJM Regional Transmission Expansion Plan generator, deliverability, and contingency analyses revealed a planning criteria violation on a portion of the Leroy Center – Mayfield 138 kV Q-1 transmission line. The line was identified as being overloaded for an N-1-1 event resulting in a 106.3% thermal loading of the summer emergency rating. The client elected to upgrade adjacent circuits and address future overloads.

GPD evaluated 240 associated steel lattice towers and assembled 3-dimensional models utilizing PLS Tower to determine which structural members, if any, may require reinforcement. We worked with the client’s Team to develop a list of alternative conductors to reconduct the existing transmission line while minimizing the impact on the existing structures. Each conductor alternative was analyzed to determine impacts on electrical clearance, identify conductor motion issues, and assess mitigation methods.

The results of our analysis identified an ACSS conductor that met the loading criteria requirements while minimizing the impacts of the existing infrastructure.

Evaluated 240 existing steel lattice towers

Designed 63.2 miles of transmission line upgrades

Assembled 3D models utilizing PLS Tower of each structure