A Comprehensive Pavement Program for Home Depot

When The Home Depot needed a reliable partner to manage a national pavement replacement and maintenance program for more than 125 distribution centers, they turned to GPD.

GPD worked with Home Depot to develop a comprehensive pavement management program that achieves accurate five-year budget forecasts and maintains their desired pavement condition across the portfolio. GPD gathered information on all pavement conditions using the industry-standard Pavement Condition Index (PCI). GPD performed network-level analysis – modeling various scenarios to optimize capital spending while improving overall pavement conditions. GPD developed a balanced approach between pavement replacement and preventative maintenance, focusing on extending the life cycle of the pavement and maintaining optimal performance.

Through this process, GPD has built a pavement asset database for all properties and provides on-going guidance for the five-year capital and preventive maintenance budget for site pavement.

Maximized pavement life cycles

Minimized remediation work

Heightened driver satisfaction at stores