Seamless Partnership with EPCs and IPPs

GPD has teamed with Engineer, Procure, Construct Contractors (EPCs) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) as the design engineer to interconnect new generation facilities to the transmission grid. As the design engineer, GPD performs engineering design services for the generation, step-up substation, interconnecting utility switchyard and transmission lines.  

GPD provides a comprehensive solution by combining a breadth of engineering design services: geotechnical, survey, environmental, site development, access road design, transportation, electrical, mechanical, structural engineering and more with our extensive experience in the transmission and substation design fields. GPD leverages relationships with trusted contractors that bring their expertise in the “C” of the EPC teaming arrangement. Recently, GPD teamed with a contractor and IPP to design a 115 kV 4-breaker ringbus to interconnect a new generation facility with FirstEnergy and Somerset Rural Electric Co-Op. GPD was able to leverage 10+ years of experience with FirstEnergy’s design philosophies and standards to drive a seamless project from start to finish, creating a site design and layout consistent with the challenging mountainside landscape. GPD performed the remoteend substation design upgrades and the transmission line design to reroute the existing transmission line into the new substation. 

A breadth of engineering and design services

Seamless partnership

Years of experience and successful projects