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Supporting Our Future Through Education

At GPD, we are committed to providing our employees with the opportunity for continuous learning through education assistance, technical programs, leadership training, and much more.

”My college journey began in August 2013, and I graduated in May 2021. It took me almost 8 years of going to college year-round and taking 1-3 classes each semester; however, GPD’s tuition reimbursement program greatly reduced the burden of tuition costs during my college career.

While school is meant for learning, I did just as much learning in the office as I did in the classroom. It was a neat feeling to go into classes and realize that I had already learned about some of the topics the professors were lecturing about just from discussions at the office.

Some days were much harder than others while going to school, but I wouldn’t have completed my journey if it wasn’t for the outpouring of support from my family, friends, and my GPD family who worked with me to keep a healthy balance between work, school, and fun each year while also relieving some of the financial stress of going back to school.”

In addition to supporting our current employees through the tuition reimbursement program, we also support future members of our professional field through our HIGH SCHOOL INTERN PROGRAM and our COLLEGE CO-OP PROGRAM. 

Formal Co-Op Program

GPD is committed to giving college students real world and authentic learning experiences, competitive pay, and invaluable mentorship from GPD professionals. We believe there is value for students to see the real world applications of what they learn in the classroom. It is also a great opportunity for GPD to bring young and fresh talent into our teams.

High School Internship Program

Each year, GPD works with local career tech programs to give high school students a part-time internship experience. During their internships, students work alongside our professionals to get real world drafting experience, gain understanding of actual projects, and learn important professional communication skills. Many of the students are hired full-time after high school.

GPD Scholarship Program

Beyond the focus on our employees’ educational pursuits, we are also committed to making positive impacts in our employees’ families. In 2022, we started the GPD CHILDREN OF EMPLOYEES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. This scholarship is available to all dependents of full and part time employees under the age of 25 who are enrolled in a 2 or 4 year undergrad program at any accredited college or technical school.

Last year, we awarded a total of $50,000 in scholarships to 20 students!