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39 Reasons Why You Should Work at GPD

1. Flex Hours and Time-Off 

GPD is committed to helping you balance the demands of family, work, and daily life by allowing you to set more flexible working hours. Our standard core business hours are from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, local.

2. Continuous Education 

GPD offers an educational assistance program to all full-time employees interested in pursuing a job-related undergraduate or graduate degree.

3. Plan Your Someday

Plan your future with a 401(k) and profit sharing.

4. Appreciation 

Service awards, holiday gifts, lunches, and other fun surprises.

5. GPD Gives Back 

Opportunities to get involved and give back. For us, working in the community is so much more than getting a job done – it’s about building relationships and providing resources that support people for the long run. From mulching public spaces, to participating in charity events to tutoring in schools, we make volunteerism a cornerstone of the GPD experience. Each year, GPD employees complete an average of 2,500 volunteer hours in our communities.

6. Transparency 

Our open-door policy keeps all employees in the know.

7. GPD Employees’ Foundation 

Make a difference in the lives of children. By focusing our efforts on improving kids’ K-12 experiences and supporting at-risk children and those with medical or special needs, we are developing a long-term commitment to our communities.

8. Mentorship 

Through initiatives like our co-op and internship programs and our Minority Business Incubator Program, we provide our future leaders with the resources and experiences they need to be successful.

9. Innovative and Collaborative Offices

Our work spaces provide opportunities for building deeper communities within our team, which gives us easy access to knowledgeable teammates for when new questions and challenges arise.

10. Employee Ownership 

Our unique broad-based ownership structure is different from a traditional ESOP. It gives meaning to employee ownership by prioritizing the whole team over one individual. Because each employee has a vested interest in the company, we all have a vested interest in one another and in the success of every project. We’re in it together.

11. Social Perks 

GPD regularly hosts activities for employees and their families. Whether it’s a ski trip, a professional sporting event, an air show or something completely new, we believe in having fun together—inside and outside the office.

12. Coffee, Tea, and Bubly™ Daily

No, not champagne – but still refreshing!

13. Unwind with Office Games 

Foosball, cards, pool, etc.

14. Golf Simulator 

Enough said.

15. Food is Life 

From pizza Fridays in the winter, to ice-cream Thursdays in the summer, and plenty of food trucks in-between, you won’t go hungry at GPD.

16. Committee Opportunities 

Want to start a committee? We are open to great ideas.

17. Newsletters 

With over 700 employees, we stay connected to each other through quarterly newsletters!

18. Bonuses 

Once again, enough said.

19. Sick Leave 

All full-time employees are eligible for paid sick time. Sick time is intended to cover the employee’s incidental short-term illness or injury.

20. Fruit in Every Office 

We all get hungry throughout the day, so why not snack on some healthy options?

21. Fitness Challenges / Employee Sports Teams 

GPD supports being active and spending time together by sponsoring extracurricular league activities such as soccer, golf, bowling, or even kickball.

22. On-site Fitness Centers 

Ever need to just step away and take a second? We’ve got a place for that. Really want to go to the gym but don’t want to commute to another place? We’ve got a place for that too. At GPD our on-site clinics give you a second to step away from work, while at the office.

23. Fitness Membership Reimbursements 

Reimbursements of up to $35/ month or $420/year for single or family gym / interactive fitness memberships.

24. Vacation and Purchased Vacation 

We recognize the importance of time away and experiencing new places, time with friends and family or a staycation, which is why we offer plentiful vacation time with an option to buy up to 40 more hours!

25. Summer Hours 

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, full-time employees can work four 9-hour days, Monday through Thursday, and a 4-hour day on Friday.

26. Professional Memberships 

GPD will pay the dues for up to two professional society memberships per year, encouraging professional development.

27. Leadership Training 

At GPD, we truly want you to grow / become a leader, which is why we offer the Accelerate! Training program to every new employee and continue to offer training and programs to all employees. Find a great training opportunity that GPD does not offer? Let us know and we will add it to our repertoire and even pay for it.

28. Licensing and Registration 

Employees preparing for their first professional state registration or licensing are eligible for exam fee reimbursement.

29. Seminars / Workshops / Lunch n’ Learns 

We love to learn! We know things are constantly changing from new technologies to technical processes, which is why we love to host opportunities for teams to learn from industry leaders.

30. Stellar Benefits 

From free financial planning and legal services to short /  long-term disability, and voluntary life insurance, GPD has you covered.

31. Employee Referral Program 

It really does pay to have a friend! Refer a former colleague or friend and earn extra money.

32. GPD Swag 

Trust us. We will get you decked out in GPD swag from your first day. You can never have too much GPD swag!

33. Employee Surprises 

We love to thank our employees for all their hard work. Don’t be surprised if you find chocolates at your front door or a gift card on your desk!

34. Paid Holidays 

Nothing beats being with family over the holidays and that is exactly where we want you to be!

35. Operating Philosophy 

Focusing on what is best for the whole team, our operating philosophies center around maintaining balance, diversity, and stability while creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.

36. Hands-on Experience 

No fetching coffee around here!

37. Competitive Pay 

We believe work should be more than just a place where you clock in and out. It should be a place where you feel free and empowered to grow, where you always feel like you’re a part of something special.

38. Location, Location, Location

From east to west, north and south, we have offices all over the great United States and are continuously growing!

39. Great Culture 

“Our culture is what makes us who we are – our shared, ingrained traits that are on display at work, with family, and in the community.” – Darrin Kotecki, President and CEO