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GPD’s Multidisciplined Structure Enhances 5G Implementation

As the fifth generation of wireless technology continues to expand across the country, GPD is working with clients to evolve their services and enter the 5G market.

The newest generation of wireless technology provides users with greater bandwidths, lower latency, enhanced data capacity, and faster download speeds. As the 5G network becomes more robust, it will connect devices such as robotics, health monitoring systems, city infrastructure, and others to make for more connected communities.

5G requires the integration of multiple communications systems, allowing providers to meet the unique needs of local communities. For example, macro cell sites use traditional towers and provide coverage to a larger area, while small cell sites utilize small radios and antennas to cover a more concentrated geographic area with a higher population density. To help providers design these systems, GPD has formed specific teams that focus on the different systems of 5G including the Macro, Small Cell, Distributed Antennas Systems, Fiber Routing, and more, while having all the resources and experiences to integrate them.

“By having our teams specialize in different areas, our overall team understands how each system interconnects” explains Chris Scheks, GPD’s Director of Telecommunications. “GPD believes in being integral at the onset of a program and using one another as resources to help navigate solutions for our clients and reduce speed-to-market.”

5G Macro Tower

5G Small Antenna


5G wireless technology uses a large range of communication systems. Macro towers (first photo) provide services to customers in a large geographic area. Small cell antennas (second photo) such as the one on top of the light pole provide service to a concentrated area.




GPD’s unique ability to create small and focused teams that include in-house multidisciplinary talent allows us to better serve clients that have cross-industry needs. “5G not only demands innovation from our Telecom Practice,” explains Justin Butterfield, Telecom Program Manager, “but also calls on us to work side by side with our colleagues in public works, transportation, healthcare, power, education, retail/commercial, water, environmental, and our service groups to implement project specific wireless solutions.”

5G Interconnection Example

It is through our diverse market sectors that GPD continues to develop partnerships with private and local community entities to help them fulfill their connectivity goals. The pandemic forced everyone to re-evaluate how we are connected and exposed areas where there is a digital divide. GPD is committed to helping communities close those gaps and provide high-speed broadband access. Whether the goal is a private Long Term Evolution deployment used by a local school district or a public Wi-Fi system for the community to remain connected for an event at the park, the GPD team is ready to use our telecommunications experience and unique structure to bring the next generation of wireless technology to our communities.